Mascot Atelier

Mascot Atelier

At Mascot we try very hard to make each of our products special, unique and original. Therefore, in our workshop, we take care of every detail: the choice of each and every one of the materials, the elaboration of each product (completely handmade in Spain) the presentation, the labels, the packaging, even our own shop online... Every detail counts to get a unique result!

We choose very special fabrics. Almost all of them are imported: mostly Japanese, other American and we also have some nationals. We follow the latest trends, but classics also seem basic to us. Sometimes we can´t choose! We have something for all tastes: transgressors, elegant, classic, daring, sophisticated, informal...

Inner linings: there are many different in the market. We have done a laborious testing process until we find the best result to give the body, the firmness and comfort that our collars and leashes require.

We have also looked for a suitable nylon that supports the rhythm of our pets, on which we assemble our products so that they shine with their own light.

The hardware also deserves a special mention for its resistance and durability, as well as the MASCOT badges and medals in all of our designs. They are our hallmark.

Our products are so beautiful and special that you´ll find difficult to choose one!

We have done many tests in our workshop until we get the best result which shows that resistance, durability, beauty and fashion do not have to be at odds.

Our products stand out. Do you want your pet and you to stand out with them?