Everything you did not know about the FRENCH BULLDOG

Everything you did not know about the FRENCH BULLDOG


Its origin is disputed by French and English: both claim that it is an autochthonous breed. But what is certain is that in 1880 in Paris the first club of this breed was founded. Its standard was defined in 1898 by the Canine Central Society of France. Its general appearance is that of a molossoid reduced to the minimum space, but all the characteristics are maintained: robust body and solid constitution, compact in all its proportions and powerful for its dimensions, large and powerful-looking head, strong muzzle, loose skin forming folds, with a brave temperament and very active.

Photo: Diego Jaimovich

He is tremendously affectionate and always eager to please; He is very active, expressive and kind. It enjoys all activities with enthusiasm. He is very affectionate with the owner and the children. He has no problems living with other pets in the house, but the guttural sounds he emits can be interpreted by other dogs as threatening grunts but nothing further from reality.

The care of its fur coat requires special care to avoid its excessive fall and appearance of scales, for its correct maintenance is necessary the advice of an expert; It is also very important to clean its skin folds frequently to avoid infections.

Photo: Tamás Mihály

Docility is its main characteristic. He loves to be in contact with humans and receives with great satisfaction his caresses. Due to its sweetness, this breed is also used as an assistance dog for the elderly.

Due to the great expressiveness of his head and the variety of sounds he emits, he is able to communicate with his owner and does not hesitate to do so constantly.


High, triangular-shaped, implanted ears, their base is wide and mobile, they are erect.

Round eyes slightly protruding and dark.

Photo: Philipp Rassel

Square head, short snout, wide and flat, with thick lips and with inferior prognathism.

Its front feet are small and rounded (cat's feet); the back ones are compact and strong.

The tail is characteristic of this breed; of low implantation, thick at the base and knotted on itself.





From 30 to 35 cm


About 8 kg

Fur Coat

Soft and shiny short hair


Tabby, white, black and sand


12 years


Active, docile and affectionate

Relationship with Children


Relationship with other dogs




Exercise Need

It adapts well to the interior, needs exercise

Food daily ration

200 to 300 gr/ day

Fur care

Its skin needs specific care