Everything you did not know about LABRADOR

Everything you did not know about LABRADOR

He is a hunting collector and shares with the Newfoundland his webbed fingers to facilitate swimming. The Labradors feel an innate attraction for water and due to this circumstance, their fur is impervious to water. From Newfoundland they were spread all over Europe by the English.

The farmer is a dog of strong constitution, with a wide skull, deep chest and strong and powerful limbs.

Photo: Jasper Baerentzen

It is a breed with great facility for training due to its intelligence and great loyalty to its owner. But it is also a very active breed that needs to spend its energy through good walks or some kind of regular outdoor activity. Needs contact with his family and can´t stand isolation or loneliness; It adapts very well to any lifestyle, as long as you can enjoy daily exercise. Very playful, he is a great playmate of children, being able to spend endless hours playing with them.

Photo: Ramón González

The Labrador Retriever is a very active breed that needs an early education and a lot of exercise every day because otherwise they may have behavioral problems, such as excessive barking or becoming or being extremely disruptive.

It is not a guard dog in essence, but it does have a very strong protective instinct for all members of the family.


Eyes of medium size, chestnut or hazel, his look expresses activity and intelligence.

Head with broad skull, with powerful snout and practically square, with strong jaws and scissor bite.

Distinctive tail of this breed: very thick at the base and all covered with abundant hair, resembling the tail of the otter.

Photo: Marcelo Brito Filho

Ears of rear insertion, neither long nor thick, should hang close to the head.





About 56 cm


From 30 to 35 kg

Fur Coat

Short hair, dense, rough and waterproof


Black, golden and chocolate brown


About 12 years


Cheerful, very active

Relationship with Children

Very Good

Relationship with other dogs

Good, but needs socialization


Collector, company, assistance

Exercise Need

Needs daily exercise

Food daily ration

About 400-450 gr/day feed

Fur care