Everything you did not know about the EPAGNEUL BRETON

Everything you did not know about the EPAGNEUL BRETON

It is one of the hunting dog breeds par excellence. It comes from France.

It is the smallest pointer dog, of harmonious constitution and with solid bones, but its appearance is elegant. Despite its small size, it has great strength and vigor. It is a very versatile sample dog, for all types of hunting and in any type of terrain.

It adapts to any environment, it is very sociable and always with an alert expression. It is a race with great initiative, easy to train due to its intelligence, balance and adaptation to training. Enjoy playing outdoors and sharing moments with children. It does not present any problem of dominance with other dogs and can be socialized to live with other pets.

If it is well trained the Epagneul Breton offers an almost unique ability to adapt to any of the jobs and tasks that are required in the hunts.

This breed is also very suitable for agility tests given its inherent strength and rigor that make the Epagneul Breton a dog suitable for any activity.


It has the ears of high insertion and of triangular form, wide and short, covered with wavy hairs. The base of the ears is very mobile.

Oval-shaped and slightly oblique eyes, never prominent, preferably dark in color, but may vary depending on the color of the fur coat.

High insertion tail, carried horizontally or slightly hanging, with great movement when in action.

Wide nose with wide nostrils, its color harmonizes with the color of the fur coat.

Its skull is rounded and rectilinear snout, with well-structured jaws and scissor bite.

At present, many of the hunter races have abandoned the hunting grounds and have been incorporated into the halls of our homes; On many occasions they seem to have improved their way of life in terms of comfort, but we must bear in mind that they are created for field work and that is why we must watch and take care of their diet, as well as giving them the opportunity to do enough exercise to avoid obesity and neurotic behaviors.