All you didn’t know about BORDER COLLIES

All you didn’t know about BORDER COLLIES


Many experts say that this breed is the best grazing dog that exists. Due to its exceptional qualities as a shepherd dog, this breed has participated in the formation of new breeds with their same aptitude, such as the Australian Kelpie, the Collie Rouge, the Shepherd Australian, etc.

The peculiarity of the Border Collie to control the cattle with a simple glance is due to the fact that it carries in its veins the blood of the pointer, Setter and Spaniel, from which he inherited a very developed sense of smell and the instincts of search and recovery of the prey. All this, together with the peculiarities of the Border Collie, make this breed an exceptional dog for work.

Photo: Djaro

They are intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, active and their main virtue is the need to be useful; its nobility makes this race one of the best to share life with a family because of its tenderness and sympathy. We must not forget that it is a race born by and for work, he needs exercise and some work to do to stay balanced, otherwise he can suffer alterations in his behavior such as neurotic behavior, shyness, excessive barking and persecution of other smaller dogs.

The Border Collie has the peculiarity of how he uses his gaze while shepherds: when he detects some animal from the herd in an unsafe place, he crouches down and directs a challenging or indicative look so that he returns to a safe area.

Photo: Djaro


Wide skull and snout moderately short and strong, wedge-shaped. Black truffle, but may vary when the color of the fur coat is chocolate.

Ears of medium size and separated. Erect or semi-direct, they are very mobile at the minimum noise.

Oval feet with thick and strong paws.

Photo: Djaro

Tail of low implantation and medium length, finished in a slight curve.

Medium-sized eyes, oval in shape, slightly separated, normally brown, but may have one or both blue.




From 43 to 53 cm


Between 20 y 25 Kg


Double: dense outer layer with medium texture; the inner layer is woolly


All colors are admitted, but white should never prevail


12 years


Obedient, affectionate, attentive, active.

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Very good


Flock dog and company

Necesidad de ejercicio

precisa ejercicio diario

Ración diaria

350 to 400 gr/ day

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