10 Doggish Curiosities

10 Doggish Curiosities

1. The dog fingerprints.

Did you know that a dog's snout is unique? The truth is that there are no two identical snouts, as happens with the fingerprints of humans, dogs also have their own brand. Another curious thing is that the color of the nose can change color, either because of a burn or because of the change of weather season. The nose also helps the dog to stay cool. In fact, the longer the snout, the easier it is to eliminate excessive heat.

Photo: Susan Parrish

2. Dog´s sweat

Unlike human being, the dog sweats through the pads, otherwise it would be impossible to regulate its temperature. Likewise, they also expel heat through the mouth (by panting) eliminating hot air and acquiring cold air.

3. Dog's ear

Dogs can hear sounds from a distance of 225 meters.

4. A unique tongue

The chow chow dog has a dark colored tongue that varies between black, blue and purple. But why does the chow chow have that blue tongue? Although there are several hypotheses, it is considered to be a consequence of an excess of melanin or lack of tyrosine. Either way it gives a unique and unmistakable look.

Photo: Ula Kapala

5. How do dogs really see? 

Thought It’s believed dogs see black and white, they see life in color, just like us. Although they do not appreciate a wide range of colors like us, they perceive movement much better tan us and are able to focus attention at a specific point meters away. They also see better than us in the dark and distinguish yellow and blue above other colors.

Photo: Expertoanimal

6. Territorial question 

Male dogs urinate much more often than female. That's because urine also serves, in part, as a marker of its territory.

 7. Genetic code 

Dogs and humans share 75% of our genetic code.

8. The puppies

A puppy is born blind, deaf and without teeth. During their first week of life, they spend 90% of the time sleeping and the rest eating. 

Photo: Jose Assenco

9. The smallest breed

The smallest breed of dog is the Chihuahua whose recognized weight is between 90 grams up to to 120 kg.

Photo: YazmÄn Alonso

10. The oldest dog in the world 

It is considered that the Saluki dog breed is the oldest in the world. We can see figures of this wonderful dog dating from 2,100 a.C. in Egypt. He is fast, obedient and with a calm and sociable character.

 Photo: Casper Hansen